Ushur Forever

I am curious to know if any of you have encountered creating an Ushur where it starts with a menu choice and continues to circle back to the menu without any branches ever having a need to end. What has been your experience there? Were you able to get a fully working workflow like a virtual IVR?

I’ve built a couple of Ushurs like this. One was built to continuously go back to a “main menu” really out of convenience for teaching people how they can use Ushur internally. There were multiple, what I would call “Ushur Types” that could branch off the main menu. For example, one reached out to a web service and gathered simple information then displayed it to the user, another branch showed the different input types for a forms, and the final one showed some NLP capabilities. And when it finished each branch, it would go back to a main menu where you could show those again, or share the Ushur with someone you were showing it to, so they could also spread the knowledge. Another Ushur I built was so people could favorite a single Ushur URL, and use it over and over again for 12 months.

I’d be interested to hear what other people have built like that and if they have any tips or tricks for guardrails that prevents the user from doing something we don’t mean for them to do and end the Ushur prematurely.

Thanks @dustin.roberts for sharing your experience. Definitely would like to hear from others as well.

Few more questions to everyone on these and see if you can share on these as well.

For an Ushur that is Forever, the Ushur URL (or IA URL - IA being Invisible App) is a constant. In light of this what has been the deployment experience if Ushur structure/workflow has to change?

Do you think creating an ‘Ushur Forever’ could even avoid any Termination in the workflow at all? This way there can be no accidental end to the workflow. Besides an experience of ending an Ushur to the end-user in this ‘Ushur Forever’ context does not make sense, right? Your thoughts on this. Thank you.

For one of my customer’s I have multiple choices in most of the IA screens that takes the user to the main menu.
As a suggestion we can have a flag on the last module to indicate this is the end of the workflow and what comes next is “the next module to be jump to” instead of manually taking them to the menu using MC modules.

@henry.peter.1 I’m wondering why can’t you direct connect your last workflow module to the main menu? doesn’t that make it a loop?

Thanks @amir.m - the idea is to understand the purpose of a ushur workflow when a user begins to design something. In this case, by selecting a New ‘Ushur Forever’, provided we indicate clearly what that means to the user, it is clear the Ushur should never end. So we take the burden out of the user and make sure in the workflow that there can be no end and that way we can also provide guidance & if necessary wizard movements into the workflow creation/modification. The more we can avoid mistakes in the builder the better, right?

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